The Agile Bench API documentation is intended as a reference for third parties to integrate with Agile Bench. The current version is 1.


The API has been built using JSON as the payload format. We’ve attempted to make our API a native web citizen. As such it uses HTTP codes to explain status.


Users are authenticated by adding a HTTP header with a name of AgileBench-Token1 and your personal account token. The token can be found your Account Settings.

Alternatively, you may retrieve the token using a username and password. See Token

Request Overview

URLs take the form:

The request HTTP header needs to include a user’s authentication token The request content type needs to be JSON, this can be specified in the HTTP Content-type header.

 curl -H "AgileBench-Token: TOKEN" -H "Content-type: application/json" \

Available Resources

Agile Bench exposes four resources via our API. These are:

Follow the above links to get more information about each resource.

Error Codes


1 We haven’t use X-AgileBench-Token as it isn’t the recommended format.