Paul Dolman-Darral over at Value Flow Quality recently published a list of The Top 20 Most Influential Agile People. This is a great list of established Agile Bloggers, many of whom are book authors.

But these people get all of the attention. There are lots of hard working, throughful bloggers out there that you haven’t heard of and should start paying attention to. Not everyone on our list blogs regularly, but when they do you should listen. So, we present to you “10 agile bloggers you should know about, but don’t.” (catchy eh?)

Agile Bloggers gotta keep bloggin’

1. All about Agile

All About Agile by Kelly Waters has been writing about agile since 2007 and has a great collection of articles. My favorite is his 10 Key Principles of Agile which steps through the Agile Manifesto’s agile principle and fleshed them out.

2. Leading Answers

Leading Answers by Mike Griffiths focuses on leadership and agile project management ideas. His posts are thoughtful and detailed. His work is especially well suited to project managers coming into the agile world.

3. Notes from a Tool User

Mark Levison is a Canadian who writes Notes from a Tool User.  Lately he has been focusing on the role of the Scrum Master.  It’s a good read.

4. Agile Scout

Their articles are quirky, fund and loud!  Peter Saddington is prolific in his writings about agile and the agile industry at Agile Scout.  He has lots of interesting things to say and some of it is going to be interesting to you.

5. BrainsLink

BrainsLink is a blog written by Vin D’Amico about enterprise agile and its use in software development and business operations. His regular posts are on topic for those in the enterprise space.

6. The Critical Path

Derik Huether, Author, Blogger & Zombie Project Manager (his words!) write The Critical Path. His work is focused on Enterprise agile and experienced project managers new to agile.  He writes with a nice tone, so I think you’ll like it.

7. Software Project Management

Pawel Brodzinski is a busy guy writing his Software Project Management blog and answering a bazillion questions on Stack Exchange (Stack Overflow for Project Management). He’s definitely exploring Kanban at the moment but he also writes on broader agile related issues.

8. Tyner Blain

Scott Sehlhorst focuses on product management in an agile world. If you’re a product owner, or just interested in how product management works, you should read through some of Tyner’s posts. Unfortunately his posts are a bit rare.

9. Test Obsessed

This one is for the testers. Elisabeth Hendrickson writes on Agile & Testing – sometimes together. My friends over at Cromulent Testing put me onto Elisabeth’s work and I’m impressed. If you’re interested in testing in the agile space please check it out.

10. Better Projects

Craig Brown is a busy man. When he’s not putting on the LAST Conference with Ed Wong, he’s writing on Project Leadership, requirements management and product design over at Better Projects.

Bonus! Implementing Scrum

Michael Vizdos writes Implementing Scrum which is filled with great cartoons. I just wish he posted more often!

We’d love to hear about any other blogs you read and love which aren’t part of the mainstream.

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